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Cylinder Heads Being Serviced

High-Performance Cylinder Heads

Your cylinder heads make a big difference to your car's performance. At Fast Moving Auto Parts & Machine, we sell, install, and customize a wide range of cylinder heads. Most cylinder jobs take 1-2 days, and we deliver excellent value for money.

Cylinder Services

Find the best cylinder heads for your performance needs. We offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Cleaning & Inspection
  • Valve Guide Installation
  • Valve Seat Installation
  • Valve Seat Enlargement
  • Valve Jobs — V8, V12, V16, V18, V32
  • Crucial Mechanical Bucket Valve Adjustment
  • Cylinder Head Resurfacing
  • Cylinder Head Assembly
  • Combustion Chamber Work
  • Bowl Blending
  • Cylinder Head Porting
  • Valve Seat Replacement
  • Cylinder Head CC-ing
  • Media Blasting
  • Guide Cutting for Positive Seals
Cylinder Head Being Serviced
Clean Cylinder Head

Parts & Equipment

Great parts create great performance. We typically use Manley valves and Isky valve springs in our work. Our shop is equipped with high-quality equipment for working on valves, including:

  • Kwik-Way Valve Refacer
  • Rottler SG8 Seat & Guide Machine
  • Peterson TCM-25 Seat & Guide Machine