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In-House Engine Assembly & Dyno Work

When the machine work has been completed, we handle the assembly in-house to ensure a great result. An engine is typically broken in two 20-minute sessions. We then test it with 3-5 pulls. With more than 40 years of experience assembling engines, we ensure every job is done right. The whole process typically takes 30-45 days, which includes time on our engine test stand. We keep you updated throughout the machining, assembly, and dyno work. Once everything is complete, we provide you with the dyno sheet.

Engine Assembly Services

Great parts are useless if your engine isn't put together properly. Once we have installed parts and serviced your engine, we give the block a final wash, verify clearance, and install the rotating assembly. We then:

  • Check & Verify the Degree of Cam Shaft
  • Install Cylinder Heads
  • Install Rocker Gear & Valve Train
  • Clean & Install All Covers in Tin
  • Paint Engine Assembly
  • Fill with AMSOIL Brake Oil & Prime
  • Install Our In-House Stuska Engine Dyno (Dynamometer)
  • Tweak Engine Timing & Jet Changes as Needed
Worker with Engine Assembled Cobra Engine